One Scientist's Perspective on "Intelligent Design"

Norm Levan Panel on Intelligent Design at Bakersfield College on April 21, 2006

(lecture slides for my talk and also a link to an expanded version of the "script" for my talk at the bottom)

The "annotated version" of each of the slides is the expanded script of my talk along with the pictures in the slides.

Assumptions of Science -- annotated version

"Theory"—meaning and features of successful theory -- annotated version

Methodological Materialism & why science limits itself -- annotated version

Evolution via natural selection: Materialistic explanation for life -- annotated version

Imago Dei -- annotated version

Problems with Intelligent Design

Detection of God-action -- annotated version

Irreducible Complexity -- annotated version

Specified Complexity -- annotated version

Download PDF of expanded version of talk given at Norm Levan panel on ID

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last update: August 28, 2007

Author of original content: Nick Strobel