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Review Questions

  1. How many minutes difference is there between your local noon and somebody's local noon 3 degrees longitude east of you? Will their local noon occur before or after yours?
  2. The Eastern Standard Time zone is 3 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time zone. The Pacific timezone meridian is at 120° W longitude. What is the longitude of the Eastern Time zone meridian?
  3. Is the Sun's drift eastward greater at the solstices or the equinoxes? Why is that?
  4. Is the solar day longer at perihelion or aphelion? Why is that?
  5. What causes the temperature differences between the seasons? How so?
  6. If you shine a flashlight on a flat tabletop, which gives you a smaller concentrated beam: one directed perpendicular to the tabletop or one directed parallel to the tabletop? Which one produces the longer shadow of a pencil on the tabletop?
  7. How would the fact that the Sun's angular size is largest around January 4 contradict the popular theory that the Earth's distance from the Sun in its elliptical orbit causes the seasons?

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