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Big Bang cosmic microwave background radiation deuterium

Review Questions

  1. What is the cosmic microwave background radiation a relic of?
  2. What is the type of spectrum of the background radiation? What is the temperature of the Universe now?
  3. What can the photons do when recombination occurs and why is that?
  4. About when did the Big Bang supposedly occur?
  5. What was the universe like for the first few million years after the Big Bang? How was the early universe like the cores of stars shining today?
  6. Where did most of the hydrogen and helium in the universe come from? How about the deuterium? Why did the early universe not continue the nucleosynthesis process to heavier nuclei?
  7. How does the present abundance of deuterium provide a good constraint on the early density of the universe?
  8. What is the evidence for a Big Bang type of model for the universe and for a universe that has evolved over time?

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